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Audience favorites, award winners, globetrotters ...

Vocal artists, entertainers or just plain old singers? Somehow all of these are fitting! But how best to describe vocaldente?


The press is unanimous: vocaldente’s “singing technique is professional”, their “verve is phenomenal”, and they’re “sparkling with imagination”. Critics say they offer a “high level in singing performance”, with their “funny spoken interludes” and “imaginative, passionate

choreography” − and that they’re known for the “professionalism in their performance”: Onstage they’re “fitting and harmonic”, “witty and fresh”, “charming and professional” ... simply “harmonic, funny and good” with a “refreshing naturalness”: PRESS PACK


But vocaldente have also impressed on the international stage, convincing jurors from all areas of vocal and a cappella music, from classical style to voice pop, such as John Potter (former The Hilliard Ensemble member), Ward Swingle (founder of The Swingle Singers) and Anders Jalkéus (The Real Group). The quintet have prevailed at the biggest and most significant national and international vocal and a cappella competitions in Asia, Europe and the United States: NEWS


International A Cappella Champions in Asia, Europe and the USA

vocaldente won first prize at the Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Competition 2008 in Taipei (Taiwan), the Tampereen Sävel 2007 in Tampere (Finland) and the Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival 2008 in San Francisco (USA). By winning the world-renowned US contest, vocaldente can call themselves the National Champions of the world’s biggest a cappella competition, becoming the first foreign speaking, and only the second ever non-American winners: NEWS


And they’ve also been successful at competitions in their home country and the German speaking area, at the 2007 Jugend Kulturell Förderpreis of the HypoVereinsbank in Germany as well as the International A Cappella Competition in Graz (Austria). Wherever they competed, they won special awards for best and most popular group; just recently, they were honoured with the First Prize of the Jury and the Special Award for Best Choreography and Stage Presence in Taiwan: NEWS


The latest pop hits presented with traditional vocals

Unlike other a cappella groups, vocaldente don’t rely on technical devices, amplifiers and special effects. Their passion is an art almost lost in the entire vocal scene: performing a cappella without microphones, conveying the feeling and verve of 80 years of musical entertainment in its most authentic way – purely acoustic, taking a cappella back to its proper roots. However, their repertoire is equally contemporary, as well as covering pop and rock music from the past eight decades: Taking their audience on a captivating journey from the Roaring Twenties to the latest pop hits, vocaldente create a completely unique new form of a cappella that’s directly connecting with the audience, touching them deeply and delighting them utterly: REPERTOIRE


So who are these five young men who, using their own ingenious arrangements and without the aid of microphones, delight their audience with the charm of the 1920s, the drive of the 1960s and the sound of contemporary radio? Founded in 2004 by members of the Hannover Boys Choir and the Hannover University of Music and Drama, vocaldente have evolved in

just five years from passionate suburb singers to virtuosic vocal globetrotters. At more than 100 shows, performances and concerts in the past year, the five committed singers have explored their home country Germany as well as wider Europe; extensive tours and fleeting trips have

led them numerous times to the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.


Over the years vocaldente attended master classes and workshops with The King’s Singers, The Real Group and Naturally 7. The quintet is frequently performing at the most renowned national and international a cappella festivals, such as Vokal Total Munich, Voicemania Vienna and the East Coast A Cappella Summit in Washington D.C., the biggest of its kind in the USA, and have won over the audience wherever they’ve appeared: REFERENCES, PRESS PACK


To put it concisely: “Germany’s most successful a cappella export!”


International A Cappella Champions in Europe, Asia and the USA

Tampere, Finland (2007)

Taipei, Taiwan (2008)

San Francisco, USA (2008)

"... precise arrangement, tight harmonies and light-hearted humor. Their performance had the audience on their feet."
"The DC Scene" (USA - Washington D.C., 7 Apr 2008)

"... a wonderful fresh and exciting energy these guys have … ... sounding good and looking good, what more could one want!"
Stephen Connolly, The King's Singers

"They are so fast and accurate in their pitch and timing...that even very swift and fluid dynamic changes moved like one voice on a volume knob."
CASA, Concert Review by David Traugot (USA, 23 Mar 2009)

They enchanted their audience with a maximum degree of vocal precision, with humor, temperament and with fun, from the very first tune. ...every song with unmistakable charm, and always with clean vocal intonation...with economical yet very fine and pointed choreographies, and always with clean vocal intonation…

Schwaebische Zeitung (30 Mar 2015)


Germany’s Most Successful A Cappella Export

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