I think audiences often have the misconception that contemporary dance is going to be hard to follow, or too out there, or that they won’t be able to appreciate or understand it without a dance background. Jon Lehrer breaks all of those misconceptions down, giving an accessible, colorful performance that is both entertaining and full of artistic merit.

Stacie McDaniel - Director

Georgia Southern University PAC

Jon Lehrer Dance Company have been a tremendous artistic asset to our community. Jon’s inclusive, collaborative nature and world-class creative skill have helped us develop the Artpark’s Keybank Summer Solstice Festival into a new type of multifaceted performing arts event nurturing new meaningful artistic relationships with national and international talent. We are looking forward to our future collaborations with Jon and his company. 

Sonia Clark - Executive Director, Artpark 


Having Jon and company come in and work with the students is a truly magical experience. The company gets our community excited and talking. They want to see more.

Rain Ross - Program Coordinator

Stockton University


Your dancers make me move in my 'universe' during the whole show...or more precisely.....your dancers and the choreography bring me into their universe and I feel like I'm moving with them!

Zonnie Bauer, Buffalo, NY


truly blown away.  Felt like a fascinating mix of dance, music and olympic level gymnastics!
Beyond impressive from both a choreography and dance skills perspective. Wow!

Ron Shapira, NYC


Jon Lehrer does for Modern Dance technique what Einstein did for the subway system—totally tubular!                            Jim Raytheon - Physicist

Lead by artistic director and founder Jon Lehrer, the Jon Lehrer Dance Company (JLDC) was started in 2007.  The Company’s expressive style is based on three main elements of movement - Circularity, 3-Dimensionality, and Momentum - which combine to create a form that is best described as “Organically Athletic.” With creativity, athleticism, and the ability to make new and innovative modern and jazz dance accessible to all audiences, the JLDC has made quite a name for themselves in the dance world. Striking the elusive balance between art and entertainment, the Jon Lehrer Dance Company showcases unique choreography and a fun, distinctive style which fuses jazz and modern dance, creating a true spectacle onstage which can be enjoyed by dance experts and novices alike.

JLDC continues to tour extensively, bringing their trademark artistic, athletic, and accessible style to audiences worldwide. Dance Magazine stated, “the company took the house not so much by storm as by quantum physics,” and Galerie Ortenau in Offenburg, Germany declared, “Dynamic, Powerful, Elegant – brings an absolute passion for the dance.” JLDC toured Europe in 2013, 2016, 2018, and 2022. Under the auspices of the US State Department, they toured Russia in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2016, in order to “bring the best in American modern dance to the people of Russia.”


The JLDC presents a style of movement that is  organic, artistic, and comprehensible; bringing an understanding of life and the human condition through innovative choreography to audiences around the world. Dance influences our lives and shapes our world, it promotes cultural exchange, enrichment, and understanding. JLDC is dedicated to maintaining the impact of dance through performance, education, outreach, community involvement, and collaboration to present and codify the Jon Lehrer Dance style and technique. The professional dancers of JLDC work collaboratively towards a common creative goal, while maintaining and developing their own artistic voice to bring edge-of-your-seat excitement to audiences. JLDC operates with integrity at all levels and respects and honors ideas from constituent groups including dancers, directors, and the public.

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Jon Lehrer Dance Crash


The company took the house not so much by storm as by quantum physics. Jon Lehrer's strikingly original choreography transformed the stage into an energy field of super-charged particles.                                                                  Dance Magazine


The company captivated thousands in the Russian Far East as they shared their unique and captivating choreography, making the audience laugh, smile, cry, and wow every second of the performance.                US Consulate -  Vladivostok, Russia


Lehrer and the dancers of his wonderfully game dance company                                    
were funny and brilliant at the same time.   
                                Chicago Sun-Times

I don’t recall ever meeting a work by Jon Lehrer I didn’t like.         Chicago Tribune


Lehrer has built its fan base through the sheer creativity of its work, the incredible athleticism of the dancers and irresistible vibe of a company that has figured out how to strike that elusive balance between art and entertainment.                        Buffalo News

The physical intensity is visible and audible. The reward  is addictive, modern  dance theater that could not be farther from the suddenly banal-appearing classical ballet.                                                                                                                  Leverkusener Anzeiger - Germany

SuperZeroes (Excerpts) from Jon Lehrer Dance Company on Vimeo.

Murmur - Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival 2014 from Jon Lehrer Dance Company on Vimeo.

JLDC APAP 2022 Showcase from Jon Lehrer Dance Company on Vimeo.

Promo Sampler

APAP 2022

Chukchi (excerpts) from Jon Lehrer Dance Company on Vimeo.


Inspired by

Indian Tribe

in Russia

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Performed at

Jacob’s Pillow

Mother and Father and the three kids

Jon Lehrer Dance Company

Jon Lehrer, Founder and Artistic Director