Gilad Ephrat Ensemble

Original World Music

Violin, Cello, Bass, Mandolin

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Gilad Ephrat Ensemble


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Gilad Ephrat, composer and double bass player, is the visionary creator of the Gilad Ephrat Ensemble. The group started to perform in 2012. The Ensemble is a quartet comprised violin, cello, double bass, and mandolin.  There is an option to reduce it to a trio.


The Gilad Ephrat Ensemble’s world-class musicians push their instruments to the highest levels of technical and artistic prowess as they interact with each other. Out of the unique dialog between the instruments, at times exchanging their roles between melody and harmony, a dynamic flowing rhythmically provocative soundscape is born and the listener is swept into the magical world of each composition.


The repertoire performed by the Gilad Ephrat Ensemble is comprised of original works composed by Gilad Ephrat. Gilad's music is characterized with by a unique style of composition that combines all different genres of music that touched his life; classical, Latin, jazz, world, and Israeli music.

Their first album, the "Gilad Ephrat Ensemble,” was released in late 2015. The second one, "Stockholm," was released on 2018.  In recent months, during the Corona Pandemic, they got into the studio to record their third album.


The Ensemble performs in concerts and festivals in Israel.  These include the Kfar Blum Classic Music Festival, Eilat Jazz Festival, International Klezmer Festival in Jerusalem, Jacob’s Ladder Festival, Classicameri International Festival in Eilat, Jerusalem International Oud Festival, Israel Piano Festival and many more.  The Ensemble toured Brazil, South Korea, France, Italy, Cyprus, Denmark, and the UK where they performed for Prince Charles at Royal Albert Hall.


Gilad Ephrat

Composer & Double Bass

Studied under Michael Klinghoffer (Academy of Music, Jerusalem) and Teddy Kling (Israel Philharmonic Orchestra). In the last 19 years Gilad played and researched music that is different from the music he grew up with, jazz and classical. At first he was exposed to music from Latin America and Africa, then the music which comes from the East and from Asia, Turkish and Persian classical music, and in recent years the Folk music from the United States such as Blue Grass and Appalachian music.  In that process he also acquired a taste for Irish and Scottish melodies of the 17th century. 


Each of the many music styles mentioned, combined with sounds and landscapes of his childhood, which saw him living between the United States, Sweden and the Jezreel Valley in Israel, gave birth to his own  unique style of composition.


Gilad performed and recorded with leading Israeli artists such as: Noa, Idan Raichel, Nurit Galron, Yasmin Levy and many more. He was among the founders of the band "Makondo” and has performed with leading musicians in the field of world music such as: Ara Dinkjian, Giora Faidman, Yair Dalal, Eyal Sela, Zohar Fresco, Mark Eliyahu and the Israeli Ethnic Ensemble throughout the country and around the world.  For four years Gilad toured  with the international singer Lara Fabian all over the world as her double bass player


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