Florence Nightingale

The Reluctant Celebrity

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Florence Nightingale


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An Evening with Florence Nightingale

“Candy Campbell traces the pattern of Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain  for authenticity and historical gravitas leavened with a sparkling wit…”

~ Bill Buchanan


Like all successful Chautauqua scholars, Candy is incredibly knowledgeable about her character. What sets her apart is her background in theater and education. She has a stage presence that makes her character come alive in a way most Chautauqua style performances don’t.  It was more than a monologue, it was a story of Florence Nightingale’s calling to become a nurse, her struggles to become a nurse, and her triumphs in the field of nursing seamlessly woven together …Candy’s use of voices, humor, music, and full stage movement provided a truly captivating and authentic performance…Her depiction of Nightingale to make connections between Florence Nightingale’s time and our current healthcare system that otherwise wouldn’t be possible, and as a result, her performance was more relevant than most.  We would highly recommend Candy Campbell to any organization looking to engage lovers of history and honor nurses in their community.

~Sarah Schaefer, Director of Education, Museum on Main, Pleasanton, CA.”

A voice from the past with a CONTEMPORARY message !

HOW can you make a difference in this crazy, mixed up world? 

Miss Nightingale tackles the tough subjects that we wrestle with today:

Diversity and acceptance vs Prejudice of color, class or country

Overcoming fear and social conditioning

Acceptance and support of self and others

Make a Difference

Miss Nightingale has a call to action for the world


A 19th century humanitarian, author, statistician, researcher, nurse and visionary, Florence Nightingale presented new ways to think about healthcare and her visionary wisdom stands the test of time.  Hearing about her life and her ideals about healthcare will show you a new way to think about healthcare — from the way you thought it was, to the way it may become. And when you peer with her into the future, Florence will shine her light on how you can expect to survive in today’s world of complicated healthcare.  This character portrayal by Dr. Candy Campbell provides a thought-provoking, fun, and poignant exploration of our current state of health consciousness.  At the conclusion of a performance, “Florence” also interacts with your audience to answer questions and share her secrets to help you change your future.  At nursing conventions and workshops. she also shares ONE key behavior that will change an attitude of overworked and under-appreciated to happy and productive.


As an actress, Candy has appeared on stage, screen, in commercials, voice-overs, TV, and the internet. She co-founded an improv and stand-up comedy group, The Barely Insane Players, then developed her first two solo shows about nurses, Whatever Happened to My Paradigm? and Full-Frontal Nursing: A Comedy With Dark Spots.


Candy’s third solo show, An Evening with Florence Nightingale, is presented as an interactive show based on the question: “What would Florence Nightingale say about healthcare today, and what advice would she give?”  This captivating show, whether presented live, virtually, or as a pre-recorded virtual event available for ticket buying audiences on demand, has a reputation for drawing large audiences.  It can be offered in tribute to first responders, nurses, all other medical professionals, and as a tribute to veterans.  She’s wise, she’s sassy, and she will help audiences change their lives as Florence lives the we centered message. The world needs Florence now!


As a fully trained health care professional and former professor of nursing at the University of San Francisco, Dr. Candy Campbell offers numerous outreach services to your community.  Blending Art and Science for Positive System Change is just one of the interactive seminars and workshops she presents that increase communication and teamwork. Her experience includes more than 35 years as a nurse, actor, director, and speech coach. She teaches workshops to audiences of all ages and has done so for private and corporate clients all over the world.  Workshops are built upon the foundational principles of neuroscience and cognitive theory, which stimulate growth in emotional and social intelligence.  Participants share a safe, fun atmosphere, created by Dr. Campbell as facilitator. The actual tools used include experiential exercises based on improvisational games from the realms of theater, art, and music. Lessons focus on learning methods to nurture spontaneity, creativity, team building, and communication, which can be immediately applied to both personal and professional life.


Another outreach option, Tear Down Walls and Build Bridges will take your team from “Yikes to Yippee,” by tearing down walls and building bridges. Did you know that more people die from medical mistakes in hospitals each year than from highway accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS, according to the Institute of Medicine (IOM, 2001). One of the main causes, researchers point out, is miscommunication among healthcare workers. What the world needs now is a tool to fill the knowledge gap, to facilitate the patient safety that effective communication can create among teams.  Yikes to Yippee Team Building is seriously fun, and serious business. This communication workshop features the proven adult education tool, applied improv.  In it, participants learn methods to collaborate, confront, and connect with others. The result is enriched communication skills and decreased number of errors.

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Dates for which you may want to consider presenting Florence Nightingale



National Women's History Month


March 14-20: National Patient Safety Awareness Week


April 5-11: National Public Health Week 

April 7: World Health Day

April 21: Administrative Professionals' Day 


· National Nurses Week + Month

National Mental Health Awareness Month


Oct. 18-22: National Health Education Week 

Oct. 10: World Mental Health Day

Oct. 15: Global Handwashing Day


National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

Veterans Day


Dec. 1-7: National Handwashing Awareness Week 

Dec. 1: World AIDS Day

Florence Nightingale at the ANA: American Nurses Association  National Conference

before an audience of 5,000

November 2021