ECLIPSE is an acrobatic and dance-based performance group that blends stunning motion graphics, impeccable music and intricate movements of the human body together in one unique entertainment experience. From a large screen that comes to life with beautiful silhouette imagery of words and shapes created from their bodies, to interacting with media in front of the screen, the audience will be transported into their world where technology and live performers come together in one unique art form. Sit back, relax and enjoy as we bring they bring the magic of shadows and media to life before your eyes.

ECLIPSE is a unique performance group that delivers a transcendent experience with every appearance. The group combines fluid dance and technical mastery with motion graphics and the result is an otherworldly beauty. They pose striking silhouettes against backdrops of swirling colors, shapes, and expressive words. They create entire scenes and invite the audience into their world with the imagery combination of media and live performance.

The way Eclipse interacts with motion graphics is a large part of what puts the group well into a tier of their own. They’re able to blend dance and technology  in a way that has the mediums complement one another. The media on screen is used to bring a sense of wonder to the audience and it’s done with a top level of emotional intelligence. Every light, shadow, and movement is used creatively to make you feel the life they put into the experience. The intensity is simply unrivaled.

The featured music ranges from ethereal melodies to high energy instrumentals and Eclipse elevates the emotion of each song with the energy they bring to the performance. The acrobatics and emotive dance make the music really come alive. From soft ballet routines to explosive gymnastics, Eclipse knows how to charge the atmosphere and make every moment an impact. Seeing them dance against an elegant flow of light and shadow, you’ll know they’re the performers for the venue. Book Eclipse for your conference opener or corporate event!

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Eclipse 2021-2 from Mark Howell on Vimeo.