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A distinguished artist, this Texas girl and dynamic singer, related to Judy Garland, has a voice that soars and holds the same magic as her famous bloodline. Jesse Garland has now arrived on the scene with her own music, sporting her new concert band and EP release, Without Change.


Her songs are rooted in jazz and blues but also capture many of the rhythms and influences from growing up in a Texas border town. Jesse hails from McAllen, Texas, eight-miles from Reynosa Mexico in Hidalgo County. Although she had great admiration for small town living and the mantra of a simple life – owning a business and raising a family in McAllen – she grew up feeling like the oddball teenager. Her mother would say, "Jesse, you just dance to the beat of a different drummer."

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Finally, deciding to follow her lifelong dream to see the world and venture out into the great unknown, Jesse began her journey in Washington, DC diving headlong into an exciting singing career eventually landing her in Denver, CO.  In Denver, she really found her love for life, people and most important passion for her music.    Over the years, Jesse had entertained numerous audiences with her soulful rendition of Summertime, PS I love and conquers the challenging vocal aerobics of Joy Spring.


Attending a Jesse Garland show takes you through a night of Judy to Soulful Jazz filled with songs of all of the greats such as Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald and a touch of Etta James.  You will find yourself entranced with the emotional performance and fresh sound of all of the standards you love. Be sure to catch a Jesse Garland show and grab her EP, Without Change. You might find her soon, somewhere over the rainbow.


Debut EP - Without Change

The jazz and blues influences from DC and Texas can be heard in “Good Bottle of Wine” – the first cut from her EP. The song captures the spirit of life, love, and aging – comparing the journey to finely aged wine.


All of Jesse's original songs are an extension of key moments in her life cleverly weaved into a great musical journey that mirrors this highly personal story. Hints from the eighty-percent Latino culture where she was raised can be heard in songs like “Without Change.” Garland is true to the message that she sings about in songs like “You’re the One” and “Trust in Me.”


“These are love songs that open up your heart and life to true love,” says Garland. “Somehow we must find a way to avail ourselves to love, really open up and allow ourselves to be vulnerable.” These songs are a way for her to share those thoughts and dreams with her audience.


Rounding off her EP is the song “Bleeding Heart.” Jesse's overall voice and lyrical message in this composition are about dreaming in all things that we do. “Never be afraid to jump off a cliff with your eyes closed when it comes to your dreams.”


“When you go to see a Jesse Garland show,” says producer Lance Bendiksen, “the music will make your motor go as well as stimulate your emotions. This young lady is a dynamic performer with a powerful stage persona, which makes for a great concert. She is a must see and hear artist.”


Jesse has a strong lineup of seasoned musicians on her debut EP including keyboardist John Magnie (from the band The Subdudes), Brazilian bass player Bijoux Barbosa, and established and noted session musicians – drummer Mike Marlier, percussionists Brian McRae and Christian Teele. Her production line up is even stronger. Her engineer, David McGuinness, has worked with the likes of U2 and Grover Washington. The recording is further spiced up with mixing engineer par excellence Brian Milouf (Madonna, David Bowie, and Queen).

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" employing jazz-trained singer Jesse Garland… related to Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy, and Liza Minnelli, Garland projects her built-in siren in gender-asserting songs borrowed from Shemekia Copeland and Lavay Smith…

Frank John Hadley, Downbeat Magazine


Voice has more smoke than a 50 year old bourbon and enough soul to send you over the rainbow. Dance to Jesse's voice and you've found your pot of gold!"

Jarod, Blues Dancer


From torch songs to bluesy rock diva styling this girl has the vocal power and the verve to deliver the goods!"

Adam Rey, Guitarist


Jesse Garland was spectacular!!! She is one of the most versatile singers I have ever seen. She enthralled the crowd with her personality and I have received so many rave reviews on her performance. I will be hiring Jesse Garland for all my upcoming events. She is that great!!!

Randy Rodriguez, Randy Rodriguez Entertainment

Colorado Springs, CO


...amazing and fresh and authentic and energetic feature vocalist Jesse Garland, who is, can I say it - three words: amazing, amazing, and then, amazing..."

Jeanie Straub, Colorado Music Buzz


She was great! Beautiful voice and great stage presence.

Karen Novotny, Lakewood, CO