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Esther Apituley has developed a unique way to bring the power of the classical repertoire into a dialogue with the here and now. By combining classical music with other disciplines and theatrical themes, she puts a surprising and sometimes almost anarchistic spin on classical composition. The result is a more illustrative performance which makes the works of the great composers accessible to a wide audience and turns an ordinary concert into an unforgettable experience. Esther Apituley is a gifted chamber music performer. She plays in both the Amsterdam String Trio and her own Amsterdam Viola Quartet, as well as in various chamber music ensembles such as the Borodin Quartet. She has been a soloist in the National Ballet Orchestra, the NorthHolland Philharmonic, the Metropole Orchestra, and the Radio Chamber Orchestra, all orchestras in the Netherlands. Her performances included the viola concerts from Berlioz, Bartok, and Chiel Meijering; Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante, and Britten’s Lachrymae. In Vilnius she played Bartok with the Lithuania Symphony Orchestra. Esther also performs as soloist and with the Amsterdam Viola Quartet in concerts abroad. On a regular basis, she is asked to give master classes and play in chamber music festivals. For instance, in the summer of 2007, 2008, and 2011, she gave concerts and master classes at the International Music festival in Campos do Jordao in Brazil. In 2017, Esther will perform in Austria and Sweden, among other places. In addition, Esther regularly performs as a soloist with her Lecture Concert, which goes beyond just listening. She talks about her passion for music and explains, why a particular note can sound so beautiful and different on the viola compared to the violin. Together with internationally renowned neurologist Dick Swaab and philosopher Stine Jensen, she offers musical lectures at many museums and universities, such as the Stedelijk Museum (Municipal Museum) in Amsterdam and Teylers’ Museum in Haarlem. Esther Apituley has released three CDs on the Challenge label. The first two are titled Violent Viola and Viola Viola. In 2016, her latest CD, Stirring Stills, Bach for solo viola, was released to much acclaim on March 24, Bach’s birthday. Concertzender announced this CD as the best Bach CD in 2017. In 2012 and 2014, a three-day event, the Haarlem Viola Viola Festival, took place in the Netherlands. The festival aims to break with the traditional presentation of the ‘classical concert’. In order to reach a wider audience, it takes an innovative approach and lowers thresholds by using various disciplines and soloists like dancers, whistlers, and hip-hop dancers. The festival was such a success that it has evolved into a traveling music festival. During the 2015 – 2016 season it ran as Esther Apituley’s Locomotive, performing Viola Viola Festival’s highlights. Working with local choirs and youth orchestras, components of the Viola Viola Festival were performed in various cities of the Netherlands. Due to a tremendously successful earlier run, the main performance of the 2016-2017 season, Bach & Bleach (Bach & Bleekwater), will be prolonged and offered in many theaters and concert halls all over the Netherlands. Bach & Bleach features a unique meeting between violist Esther and the theater’s cleaning lady, played alternately by the actresses Lenny Breedeveld and Helen Kamperfeen. Seven top musicians will be playing, and the text was written by Ko van de Bosch.


Everything is made up of music; everything you can comprehend,

everything you may desire, and everything you cannot stand.

Esther Apituley

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