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Bach & Bleach is a musical theater production in which musicians, a choir, a viola player, and a cleaning lady accidentally meet on stage. A scheduling error at the theater is the likely cause of the uncomfortable situation in which the musician and cleaning lady find themselves. The musician is keen to start the concert, seeing as the audience is already seated, but the cleaner refuses to give way as her work is important too. She grumbles, and scornfully refers to the viola as a ‘little guitar’. She points out that her vacuum cleaner, by contrast, is a genuine Nilfisk, and she carries on with her cleaning. The viola player shrugs her shoulders, and the concert begins, but as soon as she starts playing the cleaning lady switches on the vacuum cleaner. When the viola player tells her she’s taken things too far, the cleaning lady apologizes, saying ‘I thought that you were making a noise, so I could too.’ The tone is set. Both women stubbornly carry on doing what they have been paid to do: one of them gives a concert with an eight piece ensemble, while the other dusts the stage. 


Gradually, the music touches the cleaning lady more deeply, and she becomes entranced by the concert, leading her to make some outlandish remarks. She even imagines that all kinds of people come on to the stage at her bidding, at which point she finds herself surrounded by a group of people (a choir) who start to sing Bach’s ‘Crucifixus’, creating a heavenly atmosphere that lifts her far above her everyday reality. The musicians have opened up a whole new world for the cleaning lady.


It seems as though the universe has been working to bring these two people together here and now. The music opens up the cleaning lady’s imagination, and the music shows her that she has more to her than she thinks. Bach & Bleach is an ode to the power of the imagination and to the emotional power of music. 


Working with a local choir brings an extra dimension to the show. In short, Esther Apituley brings a fresh, new approach to performing classical and contemporary music.


Everything is made up of music; everything you can comprehend,

everything you may desire, and everything you cannot stand.

Esther Apituley

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&       BLEACH


A musical theater production with

musicians, a choir, a violist, and a cleaning lady accidentally on stage.

How can I put this? I was moved - it touched my heart. I laughed and cried, and i was astonished and surprised. It was a fantastic performance. Everything was just right - the crazy musicians, the Chaconne, during which Esther snorted like a horse, and a passionate performance.                      

Hein Hanse, Dutch Television


What a fantastic show, with charming, talented musicians. The choir of garbage collectors at the end was a stroke of genius.

Paul Witteman, TV Producer


Time flew by during this enjoyable, accessible performance - mopping the floor was never so much fun.

8 Weekly, The Netherlands


Bach & Bleach … is an innovative hybrid concert-comedic-drama that is a one-of-a-kind experience and entertainment, breathtaking, gorgeous, thought-provoking, elegiac.

Carole Di Totsti, Theater Pizzazz


Extraordinarily Beautiful

Rorianna Schrade, New York Concert Review


A wonderful dynamic and whimsical combination of serious Bach, modern jazz, and improvisation all wrapped up in a sub plot of healing and self-revelation through music. Esther Apituley is the real deal!

Coco van Meerendonk

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